customers with
the ultimate in security and flexibility.

What is SoftKey?

The rising incidence of data theft has brought with it a pressing need for new authentication technology. According to the Federal Trade Commission, nearly 13% of all U.S. consumers…10 million people… fell victim to some form of identity theft in 2003. In this world of phishing, viruses, spoofing and other fraudulent online schemes, single-factor authentication, (one password or security question) is no longer adequate for high-risk, high-volume transactions.

SoftKey™ security technology is the first affordable, fool-proof, online security system that brings the power of two factor (token based) authenticationto high-volume consumer transaction web sites.

SoftKey™ provides customers with the ultimate in security and flexibility.
SoftKey™ is a highly sophisticated system that requires no sophistication on the part of the user.

Multi-mode SoftKey™works wherever your customer home, at work, or in transit. The SoftKey™ One-Time usage key is delivered in real time via a regular telephone, email or SMS on a cellular phone. Whenever they need an authenticated transaction, customers can choose the delivery mode that best suits their needs. SoftKey™ is the only product ever developed that allows this second channel flexibility.

Unlike other verification systems, SoftKey™ can be deployed from any computer; it does not require installation of cookies, drivers or any additional hardware or software. 

SoftKey™ is the first and only transaction-based authentication system. The client determines which activity on the site needs verification and which do not. “Security fatigue” on the part of consumers is reduced and no additional security information or passwords needed to remember. 

SoftKey™ is ideal for high volume use on any consumer-oriented transaction website, including online bill paying, financial services, banking or merchant site.
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