generates a
one-time key™
to verify the users identify


SoftKey provides the security of token based authentication without the need to give users physical tokens or "fobs". SoftKey generates a one-time keyT to verify the users identity.

SoftKey is the only multi-channel authentication tool that allows the user to select a second channel, email, text message, or voice call. This makes SoftKey perfect for consumers and an ideal tool for Banks, Financial Services Companies and any website that is concerned about end-user verification.

SoftKey's unique ability to deliver a key by multiple channels, including VOICE CALL means any consumer can use SoftKey, there is no requirement for a wireless device. Voice Call's are ideal for older users, less technical savvy uses, and occasional users, The very same customers who are targeted for fraud and phishing can be protected via SoftKey.

SoftKey can be used to authenticate a user at any point, from broad use as a logon authentication tool or as a transaction level tool to protect critical transactions (such as purchases, balance transfers, or other online activity) from fraud. In addition to authenticating the user, SoftKey is a powerful tool to protect consumers against phishing. Even if a user inadvertently provides account information to a phish site, when the phisher attempts to use the information to effect transactions, SoftKey's real-time user identification via a one-time key™, prevents further access.
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